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Madness: Project Nexus Madness: Project Nexus

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

only there's a bug i've experienced after the zombie updates, sometimes my team mates got stuck on the wall on arena as if they believe they can walk through walls.
that's the only pain in the ass since when they do that they cannot attack

Krinkels responds:

do they do this ONLY in zombie arena?

Echoes: Act 1 Echoes: Act 1

Rated 5 / 5 stars


never seen a flash with this heavily created features.

The :O Awesome:
the visuals-Animations and sounds is more than amazing, the graphics, the effects(especially explosion), gunfires, dialogue, quotes(leeroy jenkiens lol), and the music that gives the techno feels.
for the animations itself, smooth, like... complete for each units when idle, attacking, and others, i cannot say much, so many!
and i like the story, although it was abit like halo for calling those allien races as god(like the covenant).

But The -,-" Thing Is: (i tried to be more detailed on this)
the campaign is good althought it was short but can be passed since this game is so heavy, and it's what makes this game kicka2s
but to talk about the rest, the game lacks of Smart AI.
to think of it the survival mode was hard because its hard to keep up between combat mode and strategy mode, plus those soldiers are not smart at all, like they could have pick their own targets, retreat when dying, and able to roll(like Dem's W button) at least so they can safe themself from mortars.
and even putting DEM his own AI when i change to strategy mode
and problems when i move multiple units with q...
first the spaces between units are too wide and too long, i want them to be bunched in one spot not forming up a line... while those hybrids do bunch up and easily kills them.
second is that they keep walking until they have reached the spot, no matter how many enemies shooting at them, at least they could attack as they advance.

never seen any flash with such tremendous visuals... deserves a ten.

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Gunbot Gunbot

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

It's been fun but...

The gameplay was more likely a shooting stuffs up with some features that needs more improvements.
-lack of animations on regular enemies(put som attack moves).
-different colored variation of enemies(bored).
(it would be fun if some enemies from "The Breach" appears in this game... why? because its easier to kill them here :O)
-hard to collect money, hard to get upgrade
(it migth be easier if weapons unlocked via progress, but thats just my opinion :b)
-needs more improvements about the acrobatic stuffs(man it's so hard to climb the ledge midair because you really need perfect timing)
-and all the premium stuffs, mate... in my country this kind of thing was a pain in the a2s for a good and obvious reason(because it made good gamer pissed), aww even the gun that gets featured on every cutscenes...

but however i really like the stories even thought it almost have no stories, but where else to find Instant combustion or a ghost dressing giant beetle on flash games, in fact i like absurd things, epic weapon selection, good graphics, and hardcore shooting :)

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